Sanam Sherpa [Managing Director] :: Passionate Trekker and Community Leader

Sanam Sherpa, a dedicated trekker since 2007, is a seasoned adventurer with a profound passion for exploring the world’s most challenging terrains. Beyond his remarkable trekking accomplishments, Sanam is actively engaged in various community initiatives, contributing significantly to the welfare of Sherpa communities and the broader trekking fraternity.




  • Sub Committee Member, TAAN (2019-2022):
    Sanam Sherpa served as a Sub Committee Member of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) from 2019 to 2022. In this pivotal role, he actively contributed to the development and promotion of sustainable trekking practices, ensuring the preservation of Nepal’s pristine landscapes and the well-being of local communities.


  • 2nd Vice President, STEAN:
    As the 2nd Vice President of the Sherpa Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Association Nepal (STEAN), Sanam exhibited exemplary leadership. His tenure was marked by initiatives aimed at fostering responsible tourism, enhancing trekking infrastructure, and promoting the unique cultural heritage of the Sherpa community.


  • Sub Committee Member, Kapan Sherpa Association:
    Sanam Sherpa extended his commitment to community development by serving as a Sub Committee Member of the Kapan Sherpa Association. Through this role, he actively participated in projects aimed at improving living standards and education within the Kapan Sherpa community.


  • Sub Committee Member, Farak Sherpa Association:
    In another display of his dedication to community service, Sanam contributed as a Sub Committee Member of the Farak Sherpa Association. His efforts were instrumental in addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by the Farak Sherpa community.



Sanam Sherpa’s adventurous spirit has taken him across the globe. His extensive travel includes visits to Japan, Korea, various European countries, the UK, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai. These experiences have not only enriched his understanding of diverse cultures but have also contributed to his global perspective on responsible tourism and environmental conservation.


In summary, Sanam Sherpa epitomizes the perfect blend of an intrepid explorer and a community-minded leader. Through his extensive trekking experiences and active involvement in various organizations, he continues to make meaningful contributions to both the world of adventure tourism and the welfare of the Sherpa community. Sanam’s dedication to sustainable practices and community development sets a commendable example for aspiring trekkers and community leaders alike.

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